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Is Adoption an Option For You?

Our program for domestic adoption in Atlanta, GA is very hands on. If you decide you want to consider adoption, the next step is to make an adoption plan. Think about what you would like your child's adoption to look like and what kind of relationship you want with the adoptive family. We are here to help you! Traditional thoughts about adoption have been replaced with open communication about the choices you can make and how much you can be involved in those choices. There are generally three types of Adoption: OPEN SEMI-OPEN & CLOSED. We will explain these in detail.

Let's Talk About Our Families.....

Our adoptive families are some of the greatest people in the world! They want to give your child a loving and permanent home. Your baby won't be shuffled from home to home like so many in the U.S. foster care system. Just so you know, we are a licensed adoption agency and will only work with adoptive families who have completed a Home Study done by our agency or another licensed adoption agency or social worker. The Home Study is a very in-depth study of the prospective adoptive parents and the environment the child will be adopted into. It includes a full background check, finger prints, tax returns, credit reports, and medical records. The family's home is also inspected for safety issues. We will only present these families to you.

Yes, You Can Choose Your Child's Family!

You will have detailed profiles of all prospective families we present to you. You can choose a family from a particular religion, race, or ethnic background or by geographic location. Did you know you can choose to meet the family before the birth?

We have profiles of couples who are ready, right now, to provide a loving home for your child. Let us know, if you would like, and you can look at them today. We know this isn't easy. Let us help you every step of the way, call or text (844) 366-7783.

Whether you are expecting a child or already a parent facing tough decisions, there are options out there that you may not be aware of. Choose our agency to help you and stand by you!

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