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Crystal Adoptions in Atlanta, GA is a fully licensed, 501(c)3 non-profit domestic adoption agency located in Georgia with sister offices in UT, FL, TX, and PA. We work with families over the US as well as Americans living abroad. We started the agency in 2011. Crystal Adoptions is a family run agency and our focus is on you! We provide unplanned pregnancy counseling and child placing services to birth parents.

Many mothers to be ask themselves “should I put my baby up for adoption”?

“Is Adoption an Option For You?”
You may be asking yourself if you should I give my baby up for adoption.

If you choose an adoption, you will have many options. You can choose to receive help for pregnancy-related costs, and your consultant can go with you to appointments to help with the paperwork. You can also receive counseling, if you wish. You can choose what type of family your child grows up with, and even what religion the child will be raised in. You can also choose how many pictures and letters you receive from adoptive parents.

There are so many options when choosing an adoption. At Crystal Adoptions we handle all medical costs and some living expenses if need. Call our staff today to receive a free consultation, because we’re better together!


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